AmazonSmile Allows Amazon Shoppers to Donate a Percentage of Their Purchases

Amazon-Smile-300x300E-commerce giant Amazon has a new program called AmazonSmile that makes online giving unbelievably easy for its shoppers.

Through this program, Amazon shoppers can now choose to donate 0.5%, or 50 cents out of every $100, of all their purchases to a US-based nonprofit they would like to support. With $26.5 billion in Amazon sales projected for the fourth quarter of 2013, up to $13.25 million in funds could be raised.

Through a partnership with GuideStar USA, over one million nonprofits are already listed in the AmazonSmile database—all Amazon shoppers need to do is search and select their favorite nonprofit. However, nonprofits must register with AmazonSmile in order to claim the funds they've raised. After one year, they will be distributed to other registered organizations.

How to Sign Up for AmazonSmile:

1. Visit and login to your Amazon account.

AmazonSmile 1

2. Search for and select your favorite nonprofit.

AmazonSmile 2 AmazonSmile 3

Sources: Nonprofit Tech for Good, AmazonSmile

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