8 Steps To Prepare For Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is essentially 'Black Friday,' but for nonprofits. Started in 2012 by Henry Timms, chief executive officer (CEO) of the 92Y: Cultural Institution and Community Center. This novel idea becoming increasingly popular among other nonprofits, growing on social feeds such as TWitter with the hashtag #GivingTuesday (you've probably seen it).

Just like Black Friday, Giving Tuesday can be highly beneficial to your organization. Follow these great planning tips from HubSpot to successfully launch your nonprofit's #GivingTuesday campaign.

  1. Pre-Campaign Action

    Giving Tuesday is an online phenomena, therefore in the months leading up to the actual event your time and marketing resources will be best spent on growing your online audience and subscribers.

  2. Set Your Goal

    As with any campaign, establish your goals early that way you can focus your campaign messages and approach around that goal. Are you trying to gain more donors, larger donations, or more returning visitors?

  3. Develop Your Strategy

    Where is your audience? Are they primarily on social media, your blog, or do they subscribe to email and text updates?

    Reviewing past donors in your CRM database can help you target those past donors directly and for an amount they have been comfortable donating in the past.

  4. Plan Your Resources

    Discover potential partners, sign-up willing staff and volunteers to donate time to the planning and execution of Giving Tuesday, and make sure your CRM is ready for the campaign with automated email messages, social media monitoring, and up to date donor and partner information.

  5. Segment Your Database

    Sending targeted emails to specific audience segments can increase engagement and interaction with your emails.

  6. Develop Your Messaging Plan

    Now you really need to find your nonprofit's story and the most effective way to share it with your audience on different mediums. Why is your nonprofit more compelling than holiday shopping or another nonprofit's cause? Donors are selective, sell them on your nonprofit's story.

  7. Be Social Now

    Create images and other compelling graphics that sell your cause and #GivingTuesday campaign. Some explanation might be necessary as to what Giving Day is.

  8. Prepare To Nurture

    As with any campaign, you're likely to gain a handful of new donors. Make sure you welcome them with unique messaging. The first impression and interaction between a new donor and your organization will make the donor form an impression about your organization and their experience with it.

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