7 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Google+ Posts More Engaging

Image courtesy of The Independent. Image courtesy of The Independent.

Google+ is still very new in terms of a social network, but more and more people are moving towards the new social realm. To reach your nonprofit's supporters and potential contributors, it is good to reach them where they are already interacting.

To get started on Google+, The Social Media Hat recommends using the G+ button directly from your blog to share to your nonprofits Google+ network, that way all the +1s transfer to the blog! Here are 7 other tips for engaging users on Google+:

  1. Title your posts

    Place asterisks (i.e., *) on either side of the text you would like to use as a title. This is a great way to draw the eye to a main point.

  2. Add a post description

    After highlighting an intriguing title, really draw the reader in with some details about the post or some teaser text. This will convert potential readers into actual readers by drawing in those who are not fully convinced by your post's title, but curious about the content direction.

  3. Prompt followers with a question

    Start a conversation about your post by placing a question in the post.

  4. Add a picture

    Pictures speak louder than words. If you aren't including images on your blog posts and Facebook, then you are missing out on readers. Social networks like Facebook, blogs, and Google+ rely on not only text and links, but images--the trifecta.

  5. Acknowledge contributors

    If your blog posts include information from influencers in your network, give them a shout-out! Just like on Twitter when you share something another person posted or wrote a post based on a follower's blog. Mentioning these influencers when it involves their content could result in that follower sharing the post with their network, since it promotes your blog and theirs--tit for tat!

  6. Add hashtags

    2-3 hashtags are recommended, and no more than 3, to increase your posts reach. Hashtags help users who might not be in your network find your posts when searching for keywords they are interested in, such as #nptech or #DoGood.

  7. Continue the conversation after the post

    If users comment on your Google+ post, reply to them and keep the convo going! Users like to feel that their comments are being read and considered.

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