6 New Facts About Facebook You Never Knew

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Facebook’s 10th birthday just passed on February 4th and during that time all the social networking site has done is engage over a billion users and create a generational icon.

With over 57% of American adults using the social networking site, and a staggering 73% of young adults between the ages 12-17, Facebook is leading all other the social networking platforms in a bevy of categories.

But these are all statistics you’ve heard before. Recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center sheds light on some statistics that have been overlooked in the first 10 years of Facebook analytics.
  1. 36% of Facebook users dislike people sharing too much information

    Topping the list of things Facebook users dislike the most, about the social media platform is other posting too much information, or too often. Facebook users, though seem starved for information, appear to have a threshold for the amount of information they want to see from any one user.

    If your nonprofit has been losing ‘Likes’ and followers on Facebook, take a look at how often you’re posting. You may be alienating 36% of your followers by simply posting too often.

  2. 25% of men, and 35% of women cite Facebook as a source to find ways to help others

    A statistic that nonprofits are paying particular attention to, only 25% of men and 35% of women cite Facebook as a channel to learn how to help others.

  3. Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends

  4. 12% of Facebook users say someone has asked them to ‘unfriend’ an individual in their network

    The younger the user, the more likely it is that they’ve been asked by someone to ‘unfriend’ another user. Only 5% of users aged 65 and older have been asked, but 19% of users aged 18-29 have been pressured.

  5. 44% of Facebook users like content posted by others, while only 10% change statuses daily

    While 90% of users appear hesitant to share their own content or status updates, 44% of users are eager to like, comment and share on content posted by others.

  6. Half of all Internet users who do not use Facebook, live with someone who does

    Even individuals who do not use Facebook have at least a working knowledge of the platform. It’s a pretty safe bet, also, that the other half of internet users who do not live with a Facebook user can easily identify the trademark blue square and white ‘F’.

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