6 Cloud Security Features Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About

Image courtesy of Security Intelligence Blog. Image courtesy of Security Intelligence Blog.


Cloud computing is one of the best ways for nonprofits to complete their missions. Why? From easily sharing of files and information, to the security of having all of your organization’s data backed up in case of a disaster, the cloud is serving the nonprofit sector in more ways than one.

The funny thing is, there are a lot of nonprofits that have already incorporated the cloud into their repertoire of of tools they use on a daily basis when at work. Everything from SharePoint to Software as a Service platforms rely on cloud computing.  

However, it's security that stands out as one of the largest and most sought after benefits of the technology. Check out a few of the most noteworthy secutiy benefits below.

  1. Administrative privileges

    The ability to grant access to certain apps, software, and files in the cloud keeps confidential and highly sensitive information on a "need to know basis." For instance, only your nonprofits CFO or HR staff members would need to access your nonprofit's financial information, as opposed to every staff member accessing a database of payroll, grant, sponsorship, and donor information.

  2. Encrypted information

    It may surprise some to hear that most cloud storage solutions are provided through encrypted servers. And while encryption may sound secure, but complex, it is actually quite simple. Signing into a cloud hosting portal will grant users access, if they have a username and password.

  3. Secure transmission

    Another big concern for nonprofits when it comes to the cloud is connecting to the cloud securely. Cloud services typically provide an option of secure transmission, either by a virtual private network or secure shell layer. However, this level of security is only pursued when legal privacy is a major issues, such is the case with doctor-patient records, according to HIPAA regulations.

  4. Disaster recovery

    Backing up your nonprofits databases, critical operations information, and other critical data is crucial to any business or foundation. With services like Microsoft Office 365, nonprofits benefit from constant backups and a higher level of security than is seen with on-site servers.

  5. Suspicious traffic

    A good cloud service provider monitors traffic on its servers, scanning for unauthorized access. Another layer of protection for the a cloud host, if information appears to be dangerous to the information stored, it is quarantined.

  6. IT Support

    One of the greatest features nonprofits enjoy, is free IT support when issues arise within the cloud. Yet another layer of protection.

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