Podcasts: What's Idealware Listening to?

Podcasts have been around for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until Serial (and the proliferation of the smartphone) that they really took off. Here at Idealware, we sometimes chat about stories we’ve heard on our favorite podcasts—especially when nonprofits or technology are the focus—so we asked around and collected Idealware’s favorite #nptech podcasts. Enjoy!

Do you have favorite podcasts not on our list? Please mention it in the comments!

99% Invisible

This podcast is about the thinking and history that goes into the design of our world. The Public Works episode from 9/6/16 hit at a time when I was thinking a lot about sector infrastructure and how nonprofits make IT infrastructure decisions. –Karen

All Tech Considered

I get my podcasts the old fashioned way—reading. All Tech Considered is a great radio segment, but I don’t always catch it live, so I make sure to read the transcripts and articles on the NPR site. –Kyle

Data Conversations with Andrew Means

Friend of Idealware and nonprofit data expert Andrew Means has started an interview series via Markets for Good. He’s an engaging guy with a wealth of knowledge and a lot of interesting friends, so this should be a great series. –Dan

Next in Nonprofits

Steve Boland’s podcast covers tools, technology, and trends for nonprofits, especially in fundraising and communications. Steve is a good friend and a great conversationalist. –Karen

Nonprofit Radio with Tony Martignetti

Since 2010, Tony Martignetti has been podcasting on a wide range of nonprofit topics, including technology. In fact, his series of recordings from NTC are a treasure trove of tech information. –Karen

Note to Self

This is not so much a podcast about technology as it is about the impact of tech on our lives and our humanity. For anyone who has struggled with the intrusion of screens into every aspect of their lives or suffered from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), this might be helpful. –Chris


RadioLab traces the fault lines between science and humanity and goes in a lot of surprising directions. Most episodes do not deal directly with technology, but a recurring theme is very familiar to nonprofits—people who try to do good make new discoveries and experience unintended consequences. –Dan

Reply All           

This “show about the internet” features two nerdy guys who put an interesting spin on tech culture, explaining the dark underbelly of social media, exposing the shadowy corners of the web, and investigating some of tech's more questionable accomplishments. –Chris

Technology in Human Services

Marco Campana offers another promising new #nptech podcast. His show aims to share interesting and unique ideas for nonprofit staffers who need to reach their clients and supporters in new ways. –Dan

TED Radio Hour

TED is known for bringing out innovative ideas and new ways of looking at the world. This show, from NPR, takes influential TED talks and goes a little deeper into the topic. I especially liked Open Source World. –Karen





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