501cTECH at Kaseya Connect 2015

Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta at Kaseya Connect 2015 Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta at Kaseya Connect 2015

We were beyond excited to speak last week at Kaseya Connect 2015, the IT cloud management company's annual technology conference, held this year in Orlando, Florida.

As a nonprofit striving to provide the best technology solutions for other nonprofits in the D.C. area, we meticulously vet any tools we use in our work with other organizations to make sure they're the most innovative and efficient options. A few years back, that vetting process yielded a new relationship with Kaseya, which we now use exclusively as our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool. Kaseya has empowered us to optimize our remote support model in order to broaden our reach and help more nonprofits.

Todd Peterson, 501cTECH’s VP of Client Relations, addressed a packed room of technology providers from around the world and explained how we use Kaseya to help our nonprofit clients manage their IT infrastructure. Todd highlighted some of the important functions of Kaseya that enable 501cTECH to provide first class service. The Info Center module in Kaseya allows us to give our clients an up to the minute workstation inventory. We match this against a warranty database to pinpoint which computers are up to date, versus those which are out of warranty. Extending the warranty by a year or two, is one way to get more out of their hardware, plan for their budget, and minimize their capital expenditure for hardware replacement. Kaseya allows us to give our clients an executive report showing their software patch score, disk space availability, and the overall health of their network.

Logo_ConnectTodd spoke about how we implemented a variety of 3rd party tools that work in conjunction with Kaseya, including Malwarebytes, a great malware solution that we adopted last year. Malware is one of the biggest challenges to computer networks today and one of the leading cause of network outages. Our client wide deployment of the professional version of the Malwarebytes solution has dramatically reduced the collective downtime of nonprofits we work with. Todd answered a round of questions from the audience and shared tips and tricks on how we work with our unique client base to provide the best possible service.

As always, we left Kaseya Connect with useful information and a new-found confidence in our choice of an RMM tool. We're grateful for the wonderful opportunity we had to share how the tools that we use enable us to execute our mission, and were inspired by the ways othes were using the tool.

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