The 5 W’s Of CRM Selection

Image courtesy of Complete Payroll Solutions Image courtesy of Complete Payroll Solutions

The question has invariably been raised at your nonprofit’s executive meetings, manager’s meetings or team meetings: Should we implement a CRM?

The question is a difficult to answer, and is one that will undoubtedly be raised multiple times until it’s evident the change is necessary. It is sometimes easy to feel comfortable with your current spreadsheets or GoogleDocs and be hesitant to make the move to a more sophisticated system.

When considering making the switch, we here at Tech Impact feel it is important to answer each of the following 5 questions with a well thought out answer.
  1. Who are you trying to manage relationships with?

    Are you looking to manage relationships with donors, volunteers, members, or event attendees? Without knowing what relationship you’re looking to cultivate it will be impossible to build a strategy around your CRM.

  2. What kind of information do you want to track?

    Without knowing what information you want to track, it will be like brining a dump truck of sand to fill a sandbox. By understanding what you want to understand better you will be ensuring you’re getting the most out of your CRM.

  3. Where do you currently keep all of your information?

    By looking at where all your information is currently stored will help you better understand what your nonprofit looks like after your CRM has been implemented.

  4. Why do you want to transition to a CRM?

    This is perhaps the most essential question to have answered before making a transition. By understanding exactly why you want to transition to a CRM will help your nonprofit buy-in and get invested in your switch.

  5. When are you looking to start using your CRM?

    Setting a realistic timeline with attainable benchmarks will help keep your implementation on pace.

If you can answer all the questions above, you will have the ability to make an informed decision regrading your nonprofit’s need for a CRM.

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