5 Ways To Get More Social Shares On Your Blog

One of the most important things non-profits hope to get out of their blogs are shares on social media sites. When site visitors share your content, you get more views for the article and your blog, which leads to more engagement and visibility for your organization. Getting your followers to share your content can, however, be a challenge. Here are some ways you can optimize your blog content for sharing.

    1. Make Sharing Images Easy

      When you create engaging images to post through social media, you need to encourage your site visitors to share them at the same time. Sharing images is often more desirable among social media users and graphics are known to bring in a significant amount of engagement. Add calls-to-action that will compel your visitors to want to share your images with their followers and bring more awareness to your non-profit and its mission.


    1. Make Photos Mobile Friendly

      If you look at your analytics for mobile, it’s not unreasonable to assume that at least 50 percent of your traffic comes from mobile devices. Be sure your images are optimized for mobile sharing so your volunteers, donors and fans can share your graphics while on the go. To be sure your photos are easily shareable, access your site through your own mobile device to see how easy (or difficult) it is to share content. Make adjustments to ensure your images are as mobile-friendly as possible.


    1. Test Your Titles

      What you choose to title your blog posts can have a significant impact on the number of shares they get. Create compelling titles that will encourage people to click on your post and share it after they are done viewing. There are several sites that can assist you in crafting a compelling titles, such as Emotional Headline Analyzer, which evaluates how your title appeals to the emotions of your site visitors. The title of your article is one of the first things that hooks a reader, so make sure it is a good one.


  1. Reshare Your Content

    After creating a new piece of content, make a sharing schedule so more of your audience will view your piece. It’s doubtful that all of your audience will be online when you initially share a post, so it’s unlikely your followers will see it right away. Use analytics to see when your users are more often on social media sites to decide when to post and reshare your content for optimum reach.

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