5 Ways To Instantly Enhance Your Nonprofit Website

Image Courtesy of eSeller Image Courtesy of eSeller

In the past, we have discussed the importance of your nonprofit’s website, and generating traffic to it.

Your website is your digital store front; it is the home for all your content marketing efforts, and it’s a place where potential constituents, volunteers, and donors can go to learn more about what you do, and perhaps most importantly, it is the place where those donors can actually give to your cause.

According to a study conducted by The Millennial Impact, 75% of millennial donors would be ‘turned off’ by an outdated website.

If your website is so important, and fulfills all of these extremely important functions, why is neglected so often? While, yes, it is difficult to keep up with the hippest trends in website design, and it does cost some capital to actually perform the updates, it is still important to keep your most important digital asset clean, and up to date.

Here are 5 things you should consider updating on your nonprofit’s website to bring it back up to speed.

  1. Visible social media buttons

    Having your social media buttons in an intuitively obvious position, and making them visible “above the fold” is one of the most important things you can do for your content marketing efforts.

    Keeping them visible on the side bar, or along the top when scrolling to increase your chances of seeing engagement.

  2. Analyitcs reporting

    The big data movement is causing a revolution even on the micro end. If your nonprofit is not collecting analytics, reporting on them on at least a monthly basis, and continuing to optimize your website according to that information, it’s time to start.

    Understanding where your visitors are coming from through referrals, or knowing what the most trafficked landing pages are, or even what blog post has received a lot of interaction is imperative to crafting a more comprehensive and effective website.

  3. Quality, up-to-date content

    Simply having a blog is not good enough. Your blog needs to be updated frequently, provide real value, and be written with some semblance of quality. If not, you might as well leave the hyperlink off of your page.

    The better your content is, the more traffic your nonprofit will invariably generate. According to an IAB / Edelman study on native advertising, as long as the content being generated by content marketing efforts is telling a good story, and providing real value, consumers simply do not care that they are reading an advertisement.

  4. Voice ready

    Siri and Google Now are poised to change the way mobile phones are used. Asking Siri a question like “What time is sunset in Philadelphia today?” will provide a spoken word answer. Getting your website optimized to the point where someone can ask when your next fundraising event is can be considered the ultimate web design success.

  5. Latest aesthetic trends

    Internet design trends come and in ebbs and flows. There are unequivocal flavor of the month designs that take the web by wildfire only to be doused by another, newer, more “innovative trend.” The current trend everyone is designing around is the “flat design.”

    The trend (that should not be called a trend because of its importance to the future of mobile computing) that is not going away, is responsive web design. Responsive web design ensures that your website will be readable by viewable regardless of the device you’re viewing it on.

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