5 Ways To Increase Donations Through Your Nonprofit’s Website


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Your website is your portal to current and potential constituents, and often times, it is your one chance to entice donors. Additionally, it must appear inviting, but professional; it must be intuitive, but functional; and it must cater to those who may not be tech-savvy.
If your website does not meet all of the criteria listed above, your nonprofit may be missing out on tons of donations just because your website is not up to snuff.

Here is a list of elements your nonprofit’s website MUST have in order to maximize donations and interactions online according to npENGAGE.
  1. Strong branding elements

    Your nonprofit’s website should, at first glance, appear professional and boast some kind of branding element. Perhaps it is your signature color scheme or emblem. Either way, it is important to let your internet visitors know immediately where they are, and make them feel as if they have come to the right place. With our ever shrinking time spent on webpages, it is important to make your web surfers, and potential donors, feel safe immediately.

  2. Direct call to action message

    Using unfamiliar language, over the top punctuation, or off-beat spelling in your nonprofit’s call to action message can often confuse or turn away potential donors and visitors to your website. Take a look at your call to action message and try to simplify passage, and convey your main ideas in as few words as possible.

  3. Make donating easy

    Provide buttons with set amount at intervals you feel potential donors will be comfortable with. $5, $20, $50, and $200, and a blank space for any amount, for example. This gives a potential donor an idea of what they can spend and still aid your foundation in some way.

  4. Simple and interactive contact page

    A potential donor who lands on your page by accident will immediately want to know who you are, what you do, and in some cases, how they can help. It is imperative that your website boasts a simple and interactive “Contact Us” page that will allow visitors to ask questions, and feel like they are involved immediately. This will also help you gather data about who is following and interested in your mission.

  5. Easy to use donation software

    Donors do not want to jump through hoops. Guide them to your donation page with as few mouse clicks as possible. Testing your software to make sure it is simple and effective is imperative to your success.


If you’re interested in reading more, check out the original article at npENGAGE.com.

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