5 Ways The Cloud Works For Your Nonprofit

5.27_image Cloud technology, since its inception, has done nothing but grow and become more reliable. Put very plainly, the cloud is an internet based computing system that uses the internet to service your organizations computing needs on the fly.

The cloud continues to impact nonprofits in unimaginable ways. Whether enabling employees to collaborate across the world, or streamlining an organizations file management system, the cloud has forever impacted the way we work.

Here are 5 ways the cloud can not only help your nonprofit, but feel like it is working for your nonprofit.

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  1. Long term and short term saving

    By introducing the cloud to your IT infrastructure, you can immediately cease use of your old, inefficient in-house servers. You can immediately remove the high cost of running these servers on your energy system, and you can say goodbye to costly repairs and upgrades in the long term.

  2. Reliably run high volume services

    If your nonprofit is expecting usually high traffic for a major campaign, a cloud system easily pickup and accommodate for this stark increase in traffic. With a cloud you can simply access the extra computing power you need, then turn it off once the increase in traffic has subsided.

  3. Mobile options

    A cloud will enable file sharing regardless of your employees location in the world, enabling them to become more efficient. If you have a salesman in the field attempting to close a big deal who needs a file, but it is land locked on a machine in-house, the salesman must wait to get a hold of someone to have them email it over. Having files stored on the cloud allows this salesman to access whatever he needs in a few simple keystrokes.

  4. Easily offer and revoke access

    If your nonprofit is very seasonal, and takes on extra volunteers and part-time employees during the height of your campaigns, the cloud offers an easy way to grant and revoke access to these temporary employees. This secure access can easily be monitored and controlled based on your nonprofits needs.

  5. More security

    The cloud can offer more security layers than your in-house computing system could ever dream of. Your cloud provider has undoubtedly invested a lot in security. spending far more time than your nonprofit has to devote to the topic.


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