5 Tips For Gaining Monthly Donors

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Nonprofits, such as Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) are building brand loyalty by convincing donors to give monthly. According to a report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, creating a “single-minded focus” is the key to increasing the amount of recurring funds. MPR shared their methods to successfully increasing the number of monthly donors:

  1. Use repetitive terminology

    By consistently emphasizing “monthly” donations across all donor channels potential donors subconsciously feel compelled to commit to a small recurring payment for a good cause.

    MPR reportedly gained over $10 million in 2012 from monthly donors alone, which constituted 60% of all their supporters.

  2. Default monthly giving

    On your website, make the giving option default to “monthly” and explain the importance of recurring donations. Consider defaulting the monthly amount to a small amount, such as $5-10.

    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) offers a gift for contributors donating over $10 per month, but defaults to the option “Maximize my donation,” where the donor waives their gift allowing the entire donation to benefit WWF.

  3. Be mobile friendly

    Make sure your website is mobile accessible, and that donating is less than a click away.

    Charity: Water uses an expressive picture and a clean, large-print layout to encourage donors to donate. The donation amount defaults to $25, but asks for a one-time contribution. Users then choose to either donate via their credit card or PayPal. This method allows users to donate quickly and easily, without struggling to resize and maneuver their screen.

  4. Ask donors to share their activity with friends

    After making a donation, ask the benefactor to share their charitable activity with their friends.

    A handful of charities offer donors the option of sharing their charitable activity via social media. Apps also exist on social media platforms, such as JustGiving a United Kingdom website and Facebook application that allows charities to create donation pages on Facebook, and donors to share their activity.

  5. Recognize benefactors for committing

    When a supporter commits to monthly giving, invite them to explain why. Then share their answer on your website and blog. If your donor shared their donation on Twitter, retweet their charitable act to encourage other potential donors. Social feedback is essentially a testimonial and encourages other users to contribute.

    Razoo’s Inspiring Generosity blog recommends thanking donors in 48 hours or less via social media, over the phone, by email, text, or in a blog post in order to form a relationship that keeps giving. If your organization is larger, thanking everyone might not be easy, but make the effort to connect personally with your supporters.

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