5 Technology Trends Of 2013 Nonprofits Should Care About

Image courtesy of Wisepreneur. Image courtesy of Wisepreneur.

Gartner, a tech analyst firm, created a list of trending technology resources nonprofits and organizations are taking advantage of to make a greater impact using more robust resources, at a lower cost than traditional IT.

  1. The Cloud

    "Doing more with less," is something nonprofits are accustomed too, however cloud services are providing nonprofits with with more for less. The cloud provides more freedom for nonprofits to store their information and integrate better software into their daily operations, without worrying about long-term hardware costs.

  2. Big Data

    Learning more about your nonprofit's audience through analytics and data is shaping the way nonprofits connect to their supporters. By better understanding where followers are, what they want to see, and how they want to contribute, nonprofits can better discern how to engage their following.

  3. Analytics

    Analytics can help nonprofits discover what content is attracting an audience on their site, and how their audience is finding and connecting with the site or email. Understanding that a large part of your organization's supporters are access the website via a smartphone or click a particular link in an annual appeal email is just one bit of quality information an organization can gleam from this data.

  4. Virtual Information

    Accessing up-to-date information on your organization's supporter base while on the go is another emerging workflow simplification for nonprofits. Many organizations have on-site staff members, in addition to those working in the field, from home, or across continental borders.

  5. Integrated Systems

    When nonprofits look into cloud computing, they typically look for a multipurpose solution beyond information storage. Software as a Service, or SaaS computing, allows organizations to access software such as Outlook, a volunteer database, or donor database, in addition to calendaring, and quick methods of communication such as IM into one system, all housed in the cloud.

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