5 Qualities A Nonprofit Social Media Coordinator Should Have

Engaging with your constitutents, supports, and donors on social media has become a priortiy in recent years. And for good reason too.

With over 304 million active accounts on the social networking site, and another 651 million inactive accounts, there are close to 1 billion people who have an account on Twitter. Combine that with Facebook having over 1 billion active users across the world, and you begin to see why having a robust social media presence becomes important.

With that said, it's important the individual your nonprofit taps to interact and engage with, and ultimately try and recruit to support your mission, on social media has what it takes to handle the task. While it might be tempting to put a volunteer or intern in charge of managing your social presence, it's important the individual you put into that position has the inherent personal qualities that are conducive to success.

Check out the 5 qualities below and see if your nonprofit's social media coordinator has them all!

1. Competitive

You need your social media presence to be strong willed with a win or lose mindset. There's a lot of competition out there online, and everyone's competing for the attention of everyone else. At the end of the day, it's easy to tell how effective, or ineffective, your nonprofit's social media campaigns are; therefore, having a competitive fire about you is important.

2. Reliable

Consistency is key when it comes to social media, so having someone who's disciplined and meets their commitments is key. When you're trying to tweet 10-14 times per day, while ensuring your nonprofit's hitting the proverbial social media pavement at the peak hours, you need someone who's going to reliably deliver the most consistent messaging for your nonprofit.

3. Conceptual

Like it or not, there's a lot of guess work that goes into social media marketing at times. With the number of algorithm changes Google and the social media networks go through, you need someone who can at times be an abstrct thinker, comfortable with complex and ambiguous factors that impact their work.

4. Sociable

Perhaps too obvious, but your social media manager needs to be friendly, and get energized when interacting with others. There are more interactions between people virtually every single day, and your nonprofit needs someone at the forefront to ensure every interaction someone has with their brand is crucial.

5. Evidence Based

Everything onine is measurable, so when something works, it's important to figure out why it works, and then try to duplicate that success. By having someone who's focused on observable facts and is attentive to details, your social media presence will only benefit.
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