5 Google Analytics Stats To Track Fundraising Success

Image courtesy of Info Trust LLC. Image courtesy of Info Trust LLC.

Having a tough time tracking the analytic behind your last fundraising campaign?

You’re not alone.

Nonprofits know it’s a good idea to track their analytic, but its the next step they often have trouble with; knowing what to look for in those numbers and how to make sense of them. Here are a few ways you can get started.

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  1. Landing pages that lead to donations

    Landing pages are the first page a visitor to your website lands on when redirected from an organic search, or from some other link. Make sure whatever landing pages are seeing the most traffic have sufficient information, strong calls to action, and would compel someone to donate to your nonprofit. If not, you’re missing out on enticing the bulk of your website traffic to donate.

    Landing pages are located on the left side bar under: Behavior --> Site Content --> Landing Pages.

  2. Traffic sources leading to donations

    Perhaps you are getting a lot of traffic from Google, but those traffic sources are not leading to donations. But traffic from your newsletter or Twitter links are driving huge donations. Understanding which traffic sources are generating the most donations already is key to determining where you should be focusing your efforts to bolster, and improve donation rates.

    Traffic sources are located on the left side bar under: Acquisition --> Channels

  3. Average value of each donor from a traffic source

    With ecommerce tracking, calculating what each donor is worth from individual traffic sources is made possible. Visitors to your site via a specific source, be it Twitter, Facebook, or emails, tend to donate more on average, you will have a better idea of where to focus fundraising efforts.

    Finding out the average value of each donor can be done by: Acquisition --> Channel --> then divide revenue by unique visitors and that will give you the average.

  4. Referrals leading to most donations

    Referrals happen when someone is redirected to your site via another site. This could be from an article written about your nonprofit, from your social media accounts, or any other site.

    Understanding where your referrals are coming from will show you where individuals are coming from just before arriving at your site.

    Finding out where your referrals are coming from can be found by: Ensure ALL VISITS is selected. Then, in the left side bar --> Acquisitions --> All Referrals.

  5. Most popular pages visited just before donations

    Page most trafficked just before landing on your donation page is perhaps the most crucial of all statistics. These pages could be anything from a blog post to your “About Us” page.

    Find out which page is most trafficked just before individuals land on your donation page to ‘juice it up’ to encourage even more potential giving.

    Finding which page is most trafficked just before landing on your donation can be found by selecting in the left side bar: Behavior --> Site content --> All pages. From there, click on the pages column and select the URL for your donation page. Then, click Navigation Summary. Look for the ‘Previous Page Path’ to see what page visitors viewed just before your donation page!

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