4 Ways To Promote Your Events Through Social Media

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If your non-profit hosts events, using social media to promote them can be a powerful tool to gain exposure. Whether it’s a conference, fundraiser, or fun run, social media can help spread the word and encourage people to attend your event. Here are a few ways to take advantage of social media to further your event.

1. Use Visual Testimonials

If you’ve done other events, there’s a good chance you have inspiring statements you could use to incorporate into your event promotion. Look through old interviews and transcripts to find statements about specific speakers or events that you can put over graphics to help unify your marketing efforts. This makes it easy to share testimonials while harnessing the potential reach that visuals have on social media.

2. Give Followers Shareable Content

For information about your event to spread, you need to make sure it's shareable throughout all of your social channels. Capitalize on your attendees' excitement and make sure Tweets or posts about attending your events are easily shareable. If they can share with just a click of a button, there’s a higher chance they will spread the word to their followers and potentially encourage others to attend your event as well.

3. Create One Hashtag For All Platforms

For specific events, you need a unique hashtag that will remain consistent across all platforms. Use this hashtag well in advance of your event and be sure to include it in everything, from digital images to Tweets to your email signature. By creating an event-specific hashtag, you make it easier for people to find what you are sharing and contribute their own voice to the conversation.

4. Behind The Scenes Visuals

There is always a lot of work that goes into planning an event, so share your efforts with your followers. Give them a look behind-the-scenes by sharing images and videos of the pre-event preparations. Share stories of how the event was put together and what it will benefit so followers know more about the event and your non-profit. This also humanizes your organization, making you more relatable and encouraging people to continue coming back to your organization. Behind-the-scenes photos and videos also are a great way to generate buzz around your event and boost engagement with your attendees and social media followers.

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