3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Instagram For Brand Storytelling


Since its launch, Instagram has provided over 200 million users, businesses and non-profits with a fun, creative way to share and capture moments in photos.

With over 20 billion images shared to date, the Instagram community inspires innovative storytelling, from photo editing tips to composition to thematic content. Its mobile capabilities and connectivity gives non-profits a simple, but powerful, tool to help create brand narratives with only a single image.

Digital marketers can take their brands to the next level by using images to tell your brand’s story and engage your non-profit’s audience.

Looking for a little advice on how to best utilize this pliant platform for your nonprofit? Check out a few of our tips below!

1. Choose a one-sentence narrative for brand cohesion

When creating a story-telling narrative on Instagram, it’s important to definitely define what your message will be, preferably in one. Once you have the idea nailed down, try to have every image feed into that to keep consistency. Every image is a chance to tell a story about your non-profit and if it doesn’t continue with the storyline you’ve set out to create, it should not make the cut.

2. Get behind the scenes

Interested audience members always love behind-the-scenes opportunities into organizations they follow. You can help further promote your non-profit by allowing users, volunteers and donors to see your organization from a different angle. For example, use Instagram’s video capabilities to take a quick trip through your office or workplace. Film the making of a product or the organization of an event and include exclusive photos or outtakes for your followers. By showing how your company works, you gain the trust and interest of your followers and continue to engage them with your brand.

3. Promote new, upcoming products

Similar to going behind the scenes of your non-profit, using your Instagram to unveil and promote new products will help your audience visually connect to your organization. People need to see products before they purchase them and Instagram is an excellent medium to push out your products. Even if your non-profit is cause-driven and does not have much product to introduce to your audience, you can still use Instagram to unveil other new things about your organization, such as contests, fundraisers or promotions. Promoting products through Instagram will give your users, donors and volunteers a better idea of what to expect from you in the future and how they can be part of your organization as it changes.

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