4 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Better Utilize Facebook

Image courtesy of Inside Facebook Image courtesy of Inside Facebook
Facebook is a powerful social outreach tool that is often under utilized. With more than 1 billion users worldwide, chances are good there's a link between you and your target audience.

However powerful, Facebook seems to have become lost in the social media swirl of late. Its many tools and features left unused and ignored with so many other options available to nonprofits looking to advocate through social media.

Here are 4 tips to customize your Facebook, and increase its before 2016.

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  1. Scheduling posts

    You may argue that there are plenty of effective third party applications that offer this feature. But by using the feature built into Facebook, you are crafting your message directly on Facebook for unique purpose of communicating to you Facebook users. By doing so the genuine nature of your post will likely resonate with your followers, making the message feel more personal and sincere.

  2. Customizable links

    Your hands are not tied when sharing links on Facebook as you might be with other social media applications. Each part of your posted link is highly customizable; from the image to the headline, every part can be changed to your specifications.

  3. Pin to the top

    The pin to the top feature is great for communicating important things to your Facebook page visitors. By pinning a certain post you are guaranteeing that any visitor will see this post immediately. Say, for, example your nonprofit is running its biggest fundraiser of the year. Pin your call to action message to the top of our page for the duration of the drive to increase its reach.

  4. Highlighted posts

    The highlighted posts is perhaps the most underutilized feature Facebook provides, but is the most customizable. Highlighting a post will stretch the post completely across the page making it more prevalent and noticeable. Highlight important organization achievements, announcements, and photos from big events. This feature allows you dictate what is most important to your nonprofit, and what you want indiviudals viewing your Facebook page to know immediately.


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