4 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Better Utilize Facebook Video


Facebook quickly became a platform capable of doing more than posting pictures of your kids, and talking about what you had for lunch.

With the introduction of Facebook’s Autoplay feature, videos are becoming more eye-catching than regular text-based posts. Facebook videos also seem to be getting more organic reach in news feed than article shares and other forms of content publication. But how can non-profits leverage these videos to their advantage? Here are five ways your organization can utilize Facebook videos to engage with their audience.

  1. Inspire your audience

    Most often, inspirational videos will get more shares, likes and engagement in general than sales-based messages. Deep, moving video strikes a chord with your audience, especially if it is in relation to a cause they already feel passionate about. Additionally, videos with more meaningful messages tend to apply to more people, making it more likely your audience will want to share it with their own friends and followers. Your video does not have to be a big budget production; just speak a message from the heart that will help further your non-profit's cause and inspire people to help you advance your mission.

  2. Educate your followers

    Another effective, easy to produce video is the kind that educates its viewers. Use your footage to give quick tips or teach something useful to your audience members. These videos do not have to be long or very involved; short clips with fun tips and facts are enough to drive viewer interest while significantly increasing engagement.

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  4. Make a playlist

    One way to get your audience to watch several of your non-profit's videos is to create a playlist. You can create several playlists in order to control your viewers' experiences with your videos. For instance, if you have a series of videos that address tips and tactics related to your non-profit, add them all into one playlist so people can find them all in one location. While there is currently no way to link to a specific playlist, it is a feature Facebook will hopefully develop on the near future.

  5. Use "Watch Video" Call-to-Action

    Facebook's Call-to-Action button lets non-profits draw attention to videos on their website from the Facebook cover image, which can be a serious traffic-driver for those who visit your page. There are various options for the Call-to-Action button, including "Watch Video," in which the cover photo can focus on what is in the video behind the button. Now that your organization's cover photo and Call-to-Action button can work together, higher levels of engagement between you and your followers is almost guaranteed.

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