4 Tips For Making Giving Day A Success

Image courtesy of Coordinating Public Relations. Image courtesy of Coordinating Public Relations.

The Knight Foundation released the Giving Day Playbook this past week (Aug. 21, 2013), with a step-by-step guide to creating an organized and successful Giving Day Campaign.

Beth Kanter, an expert in nonprofit networking, and Bahia Ramos, Director of the Communication Foundations Program for the Knight Foundation, co-authored a blog post, sharing their commentary and tips about the Playbook.

Here are the 4 core steps to launching your nonprofit’s Giving Day campaign:

  1. Set measurable, attainable goals.

    What would your nonprofit like to gain from a Giving Day? Create a goal to get a certain number of donors and set a goal to reach a new audience. The Knight Foundation gives the example of engaging over 500 donors to contribute and increase the total raised by 25%.

  2. Devoting resources.

    The Knight Foundation recommends having at least 2 employees dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to planning, and increasing the amount of time spent as the day draws nearer. A calendar comes in handy here; creating a timeline to stay progressive in bringing the event to fruition.

    This step also includes developing a budget, finding a fundraising platform, accumulating sponsors, and looking for free press opportunities. Incentives are another consideration to plan for and can escalate the success of your campaign, but of course, require more time to plan and budget.

  3. Communicate effectively.

    Make sure your website and social channels are telling the right story and encouraging the right actions from potential supporters. Plan the campaign messages around your campaign calendar, focusing on specific audiences for each message and increasing excitement with each message as Giving Day draws near.

  4. Measure.

    Look at the analytics, dollars, numbers, and any other form of data you can after the event. Did you meet or exceed your goals? Or did your nonprofit fall a little short of its goals? Put the numbers in the context of previous campaigns to compare what works and what doesn’t work so you can anticipate and set realistic goals for the next Giving Day.

For more information and resources, check out the Knight Foundation’s Giving Day Playbook.

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