4 Tech Solutions To Better Collaboration For Nonprofits

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Image courtesy of The Journal. Image courtesy of The Journal.

A connected nonprofit is a successful nonprofit when it comes to collaborating and working in teams. While each organization varies in size, locales, and causes, technology can help facilitate workflow.

Nonprofit Technology News reports on the top 4 tech characteristics to consider when collaborating through technology.

  1. Unified

    The ability to save, share, and collaboratively work in one area without duplicating efforts can save organizations a lot of time. Some nonprofits use multiple free cloud and collaborative resources, but end up in what is known as the "rogue cloud," when the efforts become costly and repetitive, with little progress to show.

  2. Organized

    Collaborative meetings and deadlines can be easily tracked with a shared calendar. Invite team members to join events and meetings, create tasks, and schedule reminders to keep your nonprofit on track to complete its goals.

  3. Localized

    As nptechnews.com explains, collaborating over email is not the best workflow solution when it comes to communicating with a team. The ability to centralize project-specific communication can save your nonprofit's work teams the time and energy of sifting through old email chains.

  4. Mobilized

    With powerful computers that can fit into a pocket, nonprofit staff members are able to stay connected out in the field or from far distances. Adopting an all-in-one cloud service solution can enable mobile access to work materials, team conversations, and shared calendars from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

In the end, it's about finding the appropriate technology solutions for your nonprofit.

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