4 Steps To Getting More Done Through Communication


Every day people are engaging in speaking and listening. Whether it’s through email, phone calls, text messages, in-person conversations, webinars, or any other mode of communication, everything we do is based on listening and speaking. 

This is never more true than when thinking about nonprofit communication. 

We exist because of the trust and support of others, and in the digital age, so much of that communication is done through the internet, social media, online press releases, and more.

So if we cannot effectively communicate with our constituents and prospective donors, we cannot function. 

Here are the 4 steps to getting more done at your nonprofit through communication.

  1. Identify communication goals and channels

Getting your message across is more difficult today than it’s ever been in the past. There are more stimuli and information being thrown at our target audiences than ever before. In order to effectively reach the audience with which you’re trying to communicate, the first thing you have to do is understand what effective communication really looks like. Define a set of goals you want to achieve and associate those goals to your communication efforts. Whether it’s reaching a fundraising goal or getting more signatures on a petition, being able to quantify success is imperative to actually achieving it.

  1. Define target audience

Who’s going to help you accomplish those goals you laid out in the first step? Are they donors or volunteers? Whoever it might be, tailoring your message and language to that defined group is essential.

  1. Distribute and engage

If you’re communicating through blog posts or social media, see who’s sharing and commenting on your content. If you’re talking to groups of live people, ensure you’re available to answer questions and collect feedback as people have it.

  1. Monitor the conversation, and stay top of mind

Delivering quality communication is one thing, but it’s another thing if you’re not there to gather information on how effective it is. There are enough analytic measuring tools available for the online conversation, and unless you or your colleagues are engaging and gathering feedback from the exact people you’re trying to communicate with, you can’t become more effective. Stay top of mind by disseminating your content on a rigorous schedule. If your newsletter comes out on the first Monday of the month, ensure it’s hitting the inboxes of your email list on time, no matter what.


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