4 Easy Steps To Finding Your Next Volunteer


Image courtesy of The Cause Project. Image courtesy of The Cause Project.

Did you know that LinkedIn is the 8th most trafficked website on the planet?

Or did you know that the highly trafficked social media outlet has recently launched a new platform, called the Volunteer Marketplace that helps match nonprofits with talented volunteers?

Both are true, and by utilizing this powerful platform you are enabling your nonprofit access to hundreds or thousands of skilled, volunteer workers.

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow to start finding volunteers today on LinkedIn.

    1. Skills

      Sit down with a few employees and decide on a few skills that are uniquely important to you and the position you are trying to fill. Perhaps organization, leadership, or public speaking are a few skills you want to focus on.

      Decide what projects the volunteer will be responsible for, decide what skills are important in completing that project, and start your search from there.


    1. Start a company page

      Before posting on the volunteer marketplace, you will need a company page. Check out a few of your favorite nonprofits before creating your own page for inspiration.


    1. Build awareness

      Encourage your current supporters to add a “volunteers and causes” to their profile. This will highlight your work with stories and all the great ways you’re completing your mission, enticing volunteers to get involved with your nonprofit.


    1. Fill out a volunteer posting

      When filling out a posting, be sure to include the answers to a few basic questions like: What is your nonprofit’s mission? What exactly is the volunteer opportunity entail? What skills are required? How does the position directly benefit the nonprofit? What need will be fulfilled? What impact will the volunteer position being filled have?


It is important to keep in mind that this is a paid service. A 30 day listing will cost you around $39.50. Although, filling a volunteer with just the right candidate can be the difference between completing and falling short of your mission.

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