The Security Issues The Cloud Helps To Alleviate


Image courtesy of Cloud Computing Topics
Image courtesy of Cloud Computing Topics

Data security is on the minds of every nonprofit executive around the world.

How secure is my online data? How do I ensure a safe donation page for my donors?

These questions and more are likely being asked right now by you or someone in your nonprofit organization. Here is a list of security issues your nonprofit, and a nonprofit just like yours, are likely facing, and ways cloud storage can help to alleviate those very problems.

Credit card donations

Nonprofits are often recipients of large, or a high volume of, credit card donations online. As a result of this they are obvious targets of identity theft. With a cloud computing system you can rest assured your cloud provider has invested in meeting strict security needs that your individual organization could not meet alone.


The “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD, trend gained steam in 2014, which presented nonprofits with all new security issues moving forward. From lost and stolen devices to malware and other malicious third-party programs, having data stored locally on a machine that was provided by the employee or volunteer could be dangerous. Data stored on the cloud will have added security hurdles that must be cleared before your information is compromised.

High risk work areas

Because of the nature of many nonprofits, employees working in the field in high risk areas face additional security problems concerning their hardware. With data stored directly on a machine, data can be lost or stolen in the blink of an eye; but with cloud storage, access to information can be blocked immediately upon the theft being reported.

High turnover

When compared to the private and public sectors, the third sector (nonprofits) consistently experiences the highest turnover rates of staff. Because of this ever changing work environment, it is easy to imagine a nonprofit is extremely vulnerable to accidental or intentional theft of data. With cloud storage, you can grant access to specific individuals, while denying access to others easily and efficiently.

It should be said, of course, that a cloud system will not completely solve your security problems. Garnering a successful security plan requires cooperation from many different facets of your nonprofit, from technology to the individuals managing that tech.

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