4 Reasons Why I Choose Axiom Cyber: A Personal Account From Recent ITWorks Grad Stephany Silva

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Coming from an entrepreneurship family who has always had a small business growing up, it has molded my life in different forms. Always giving me a different perspective on life, keeping me on my toes, and showing me that you can achieve anything with hard work and persistence. Growing up helping my family with their small business constantly kept me curious, creative, and at the edge of life giving me the entrepreneurship spirit. I realized from a young age that small businesses mattered and they did make a difference which is why I decided to invest my time with Axiom Cyber.

Here are the top 4 reasons why I choose Axiom Cyber:

1) Learning

You get the privilege to work alongside dynamic, intelligent, and hardworking people. Not to mention in a very tight-knit environment. You are not just another number or a needle in the haystack. Which gives you the opportunity to stay curious, learn, and a springboard to propel off of. It has been nothing short of a blessing.

2) Family

Axiom Cyber reminds me of my own small family business and investing in them feels as if I were investing in mine. You get to play a part in their growth, development, essentially being part of their family goals. It is exciting to know that your time, hard work, and effort is going toward helping build a family dream, that you are part of a family team all working together for a purpose, not just another job.

3) Hands-on

You get to wear multiple hats meaning you get hands-on experience in the many facets of the business needs. From helping with their marketing by writing blogs to configuring firewalls to keep prying hackers away and maintaining PBX business phones. You get to see behind the scenes and learn the components that keep a business running successfully.

4) Experience

The experience that Shannon has as a Project Manager and Troy in Cyber Security is invaluable. They both have the experience, education, and career that I plan on pursuing. Not only did they help me learn, grow, and develop but they were also my mentors. Having the privilege to sit one on one with Shannon, ask her for career advice, talk about the latest breaches, and hear her story was by far the most valuable for me.

Interning with Axiom Cyber fueled my passion for starting a technology business and solidified my goal to pursue a career in project management and cyber security. Reminding me that with persistence and hard work anything is possible. Allowing me to keep dreaming that in life it is not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when" it will happen. They are both role models and heroes in cybersecurity. Thank you, Axiom Cyber for giving me a chance!

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