4 Reasons Nonprofits Outsource IT

Engineer proceeding to data recovery from computer

Help Desk - Managed IT Services provide nonprofits with the power of a fully staffed IT team so the organization can stay focused on its mission rather than its technology. However, nonprofits are sometimes hesitant to devote much, if any, of its budget to technology. This can lead to unexpected expenses associated with repairing damage and interruptions in an organization's operations. In order to avoid these nightmare scenarios, nonprofits should either hire a dedicated IT team or consider outsourcing to an IT service provider. 

If your nonprofit is weighing the options of how to address it's ongoing IT need, here are four of the main benefits to outsourcing IT.  

  1. Organizational Size: Many smaller organizations cannot afford to hire IT staff, and many medium to large organizations can only afford one or two IT staff who might not have the expertise of an entire team, (e.g., networks, security, databases, web development, data management, disaster recovery, etc.) or are not always available when you need them. Afterall, we all need a vacation or sick day once in a while. Whereas, outsourcing IT provides you with the full force of IT department whenever you need it and for a fraction of the cost. 
  2. Proactive Account Management: Account Managers work with clients to provide recommendations to proactively prevent problems, rather than just waiting until something to break. Often, nonprofits are not equipped to identify technology issues in advance, such as a failing server or PC, and could end up losing vital data or resources. An Account Manager can work closely with an organization to monitor their technology resources, backup data, help create a disaster recovery plan, and make budget recommendations.
  3. Cost Saving Discounts: Outsourcing takes away the cost burden of paying salaries and benefits from the organization and places it on the organization offering Managed IT Services. In particular, Tech Impact works with vendors that offer nonprofit pricing and discounts, which set us apart from other Managed IT Services vendors.
  4. Availability: Help Desk staff are available during workday hours to help nonprofit clients with technical problems. For many organizations, having the ability to call or email an expert when a computer malfunctions or when they aren’t sure how to use an application or program is an invaluable service. Knowing there is always someone that will be able to help them solve problems and answer questions provides peace of mind.

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