4 Reasons The Cloud Matters For Nonprofits

Image courtesy of UConn

Image courtesy of University of Connecticut

Cloud computing is the future of doing business. However, many corporate environments, especially nonprofits, seem hesitant to jump into a new way of conducting business, and understandably so as there exist many misconceptions and uncertainty surrounding the reasonably new technology.
 Here are 4 cloud computing misconceptions from Connecting Up to set you at ease about cloud technology.

1. Cloud computing systems can help speed up internet connections

Is your nonprofit’s old, and slow database hardware slowing down productivity? Switching to a cloud computing system is a great way to increase your internet speed, which was previously limited by clunky and aging hardware. Using a cloud computing system instead of your old hardware, your employees in the field can access any file they need, any time, and from anywhere.

2. Your data is secure

Many nonprofit executives are weary of switching to a cloud server for fear of security. What they may not know is that just like their hardware, cloud vendors have servers with encrypted storage options, and create backups daily.

3. Your data is always YOUR data

Data may be located off-site, but you never legally lose ownership of your data. Using a cloud service allows you to shed off thousands of dollars in IT support and hardware maintenance.

4. What is the true cost of cloud computing

Cloud computing systems save nonprofits money, because the service is typically offered to registered nonprofits at reduced prices and, in some cases, for no money at all, similar to the way that Microsoft Office 365 was recently made free to eligible nonprofits in over 40 countries.

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