4 Noticeable Benefits Of Outsourcing Managed Services


Outsourcing your managed services or other critical processes to completing your mission can be a daunting task. You need to spend time, money, and energy looking for the firm that provides all the services you need and all that work detracts from your capacity to complete your nonprofit’s mission.

Outsourcing your managed services, however, will free your nonprofit up from burdensome, often time consuming tasks you needed to handle before outsourcing. Think about all the times your software installations went awry, or your nonprofit’s in0house server went down, halting work for a few hours.

There are a bevy of little things that make huge differences in the efficiencies of a nonprofit’s IT infrastructure, but unfortunately, many of these fall through the cracks in most organizations due to a lack of time and resources.

Before you make your decision to employ a nonprofit managed services provider, check out some of these less obvious benefits of using the a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

  1. Increased efficiency

Many nonprofits turn to managed services because they’re simply tired of their inefficient “firefighting method” of tracking and responding to problems with their tech infrastructure. Managed service providers help with this because they’re monitoring your nonprofit’s tech, and responding to problems in real-time.

  1. Customization

Managed services providers can easily match your nonprofits needs to its service offerings as to best serve you.

  1. Seamlessly stay up-to-date

Keeping up with the fast moving world of technology can be difficult. With a managed services provider, however, your nonprofit can rest assured its software will be up-to-date with the most recent patches and versions

  1. Better Understanding of the Infrastructure

With a MSP your nonprofit’s IT environment will be constantly monitored, looking for anything that might put your environment at risk. Additionally, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your nonprofit’s hardware and software needs both now, and into the future.

Think of your MSP as your own personal IT partner who’s just as dedicated to your nonprofit’s mission as you are.


Featured Image Courtesty of Pixabay
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