4 Nonprofit Tech Strategies For Better Fundraising

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It is impossible to ignore the importance of technology in today’s competitive nonprofit fundraising climate. Every dollar is tightly contested by other nonprofits whose missions are often equally as noble as your own.

As a result of the highly competitive, tech driven, contemporary fundraising market it is important to stay ahead of the trends. Make a splash instead of being splashed.

Here are 4 simple, yet no less important, tech fundraising tips according to the writers here at Tech Impact.

  1. Start blogging

    Blogging, or content marketing, is one of the best ways to promote traffic to your site, build relationships, and cultivate your position within whatever community you are trying to establish yourself.

    If you don’t have a blog, you need to make one. Additionally, you need to make it a priority to not only populate your new blog with content, but with applicable content that will resonate with a certain demographic. Defining your target audience should be your first step. Put yourself in their shoes, and decide whether the content you’re putting on your blog is applicable.

  2. Interact via social media

    It is amazing that every nonprofit does not already have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or all three and more social media platforms. Social media accounts are free, easy to use, and incredibly powerful. Not only are they effective at connecting with potential donors and constituents, but it’s also a powerful tool for retaining and managing donor connections.

  3. Revamp your donation page

    You website’s donation page is unequivocally your most important asset when running a fundraising initiative. Make a check list of attributes you want your donation page to possess. Then, have an employee navigate to the page objectively as a potential donor, and have them check off the criteria they feel the webpage exhibits.

    If it does not meet your standards after running this experiment several times, get your web design team on the job! Your donation webpage should be easy to navigate, clean, and intuitively obvious how to donate on.

  4. Ask, and thank

    No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I need to make sure I give to a charity or nonprofit today.” However, no one wakes up in the morning and says, “I am in no mood to donate to a charitable organization today.”

    Once you’ve started your blog and cultivated a relationship, started your social media accounts and started to interact, and given your donation page a facelift; it is then time to request support. And once support has been given, make sure to utilize those social media feeds to thank your supporters publicly.

  5. Nothing reaffirms a donation like a genuine “thanks!”

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