4 Major Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services

7.14_imageThink about how much of your day is spent working on a computer. Chances are pretty good, close to 99% of your work is done behind a keyboard and mouse.

The need for robust technology has never been more important. With this increased use of technology, the need for appropriate computing power comes with it. However, in the fast paced world we all live and work in today, the time dealing with and maintaining an IT infrastructure is precious, and in a lot of cases, it’s run out.

Contracting out your IT services is one way your nonprofit can cut costs, while at the same time getting a more reliable computing platform for you to run your nonprofit on. Here are 4 benefits of using IT managed services in your nonprofit today.

  1. Better financial performance

    With the growing need for robust computing power in your office, so too often grow the costs associated with it managing and maintaining it. According to a recent survey conducted by IBM, one in five organizations allocate more than fifty percent of their IT budget to new projects as a result of current budgets being used on maintaining increasingly expensive degrading on-premise computing solutions.

    With the costs of an IT managed services contract being more predictable, your nonprofit will gain greater control over its budget, and ultimately perform better overall financially.

  2. Greater risk management

    Have you ever been in an office when the Internet, or servers go down? It’s like a field day. The Internet is central to the way everyone works in the contemporary business climate, so without, nothing gets done.

    Not only that, but any nonprofit who’s experienced turnover in their IT department recently will tell you the stress of maintaining that daunting infrastructure is palpable.

  3. Reduce, or even eliminate, network downtime

    With a managed services provider, your IT infrastructure is being constantly monitored for problems, issues, and potential problems. These potential disturbances in your computing power are often diagnosed, and the potential problem is corrected well before anything interrupts your service.

  4. Re-gain operational control

    By outsourcing with a managed services provider your nonprofit can spend less time worrying about and maintaining its IT infrastructure, and spend more time accomplishing its mission.

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