4 Big Ways For Nonprofits To Save Money With The Cloud

Being familiar with these basics will help you explain how the cloud benefits not only the IT department, but also the whole organization.

  1. Virtualization: By utilizing virtual servers and desktops, you are able to speed up the computing functions of your existing hardware. Instead of overtaxing your old PCs, you are able to do the heavy computing in the cloud. Organizations using virtual desktops, for example, can deploy a new, virtual, Windows 8 machines, on old donated desktops and laptops. You don’t need to have enough RAM or processor speed to run that new program. Organizations can save thousands in hardware costs.
  2. Security: You no longer have to fret about having all your data sitting in a server in a closet in your office; it’s safely backed up in the cloud. (That being said, make sure you know your vendor.) As a fun exercise, think about how many documents your nonprofit produces during the course of a day. Now think about how much one day of wages, for everyone in your nonprofit, costs. A lost day of work adds up, as does several lost days (or months) of documents.
  3. Accessibility: On the cloud your data, apps and email are accessible to you on your PC, your smartphone, your iPad, and wherever else you can connect to the Internet. The cloud makes it harder and harder to accidentally leave an essential presentation in the office. It also makes it easier for workers to work from home- we know of some nonprofits that are cutting their rent because of the cloud.
  4. Scalability: The cloud can grow with you. If you add an employee, it’s no big deal. Change can be incremental. With the cloud, you never have to have more, or less, than you need.
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