4 Alarming Stats About Your Nonprofit’s Mobile Site

Chances are good that while waiting for a webpage to load, you've become distracted by another task, and forgot about that webpage.

If your nonprofit’s website is not optimized for mobile use, this extremely common situation could be costing your nonprofit donors, volunteers, and potential investors.

Below are 4 statistics that will undoubtedly make you prioritize your mobile website, effective immediately.

Having a website optimized for mobile platforms is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

  1. 60% of mobile users expect webpages to load in 3 seconds

    The statistic speaks for itself. If your website does not load on the majority of mobile devices in 3 seconds or less, you’ve just lost a donation or potential volunteer at your next event.

    Think about how many times this has happened to you when scrolling the web on your smartphone, and apply that to how many web visitors you receive via mobile devices each month. That's a lot of lost potential.

  2. Mobile donations have increased by 205% in the last 12 months

    Mobile donations skyrocketing is no surprise, but given the previous statistic, imagine how much higher that number would be if all donation pages loaded in 3 seconds or less.

    No matter how compelling your call-to-action message is in an email, tweet, or Facebook post, if your donation page does not load in 3 seconds or less, you’re losing part of that 205% increase in mobile donations.

  3. 80% of mobile users leave a site immediately if it’s not optimized

    If someone is landing on an unoptimized mobile site and is forced to zoom in, then zoom out, scroll left, then right to see the entire screen, chances are good they wont be on your page for long.

  4. 65% of all social networking occurs on mobile devices

    You’ve invested in social media to drive traffic to your website and call attention to your cause, but your website is not optimized for 65% of the people you’re targeting. Essentially, this means you’ve invested time, energy, and capital to only effectively reach 35% of the target audience you set out to engage in the first place.

The future of mobile browsing is now. Your website is your most important and powerful online asset, why not make sure it is ready for browsing on the most important and pervasive platforms available today?

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