3 Ways Salesforce Will Increase Your Annual Donations

Image courtesy of Fundraising 123 Image courtesy of Fundraising 123

How is all your donor information saved? Chances are, if you have not already switched to a cloud-based system like Salesforce, all that data is sitting in a spreadsheet somewhere, only locally accessible by a handful of people.

Excel is great with numbers, but it is very inflexible and cant be used for tracking trends, relationships and does not show the big picture. Also, the file is landlocked, unless the most recent version is emailed for reference.

In an article posted originally on Beth Kanter’s blog, according to Tal Frankfurt of Cloud for Good, making the switch to Salesforce from an old outdated Excel spreadsheet aided him in doubling the amount of donations he received in a 12 month period. Below are a few ways Frankfurt, and hundreds of other nonprofits, let Salesforce help achieve their goal.

  1. Track every interaction

    Salesforce allows you to log and aggregate every interaction your nonprofit makes with a donor, prospective donor, or organization in one easily accessible place. From phone calls to emails, this information will undoubtedly help you build stronger relationships with your constituents.

  2. Track customized information

    Have you ever wanted to send out personalized thank you messages to donors and partners, but do not have the necessary information in front of you to write an informed, personal message? With Salesforce, you have the ability to know immediately who donated what, in addition, you can setup your Salesforce system to automatically execute tasks.

    For example, a $25 donation can automatically trigger a thank you email, a $75 donation can trigger a traditional thank you via snail mail with an ink signature, and a $250 donation can trigger a reminder for the CEO to personally call and thank the donor. All of these responses can be managed and automatically executed with Salesforce.

  3. Salesforce changes with your nonprofit

    Your Salesforce system withholds the ability to scale with your nonprofit’s. If you do not change any of your Salesforce settings over a three-year period, you are not fully utilizing this powerful tool.

    You will immediately see the benefits when setting your Salesforce up to execute a tasks for one year, saving you and your staff time and money. Within that year, your business model will surely have changed. Some processes will no longer be needed and other will be added. Adapt your Salesforce system to meet these new needs while removing the old, out-dated processes.

If you’re interested in reading more about Salesforce, check out the original article by Tal Frankfurt, at Beth Kanter’s blog.

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