3 Ways To Create Better Content Marketing


The premise seems simple enough. Create content that your target audience cares about, and can use in their every day life.

Nonprofits everywhere understand the importance of content marketing, but content marketing can be harder than it seems. Whether struggling to find your niche in the online community, or not having the capacity to fill an editorial calendar, nonprofits are often caught struggling to execute an effective strategy.

Unfortunately, you can’t just wave a magic wand and immediately have great content that everyone cares about and wants to interact with.

Here are 3 ways your nonprofit should start thinking about content marketing to start seeing more interaction, and start creating better content.

  1. Engage the community

    With your target audience already set, it’s time to go out there and engage with that community. Whether through social media or at local events, promoting your content marketing efforts directly to the community you’re trying to reach is imperative. Make sure your social media feeds are always up to date and ready to tweeting away!

  2. Build a foundation

    If your nonprofit is only just getting started in its content marketing efforts, creating a back log in content that can be back dated, or released all at once is sometimes a good idea. For example: launching your blog at the same time as a white paper, or a webinar series at the same time as your new social media feed. that’s been stocked with content.

    Internet users want to see that a webpage is active and will consistently provide value to them. Seeing an empty Instagram feed or a blog with no posts is an easy way to turn someone away.

  3. Share and collaborate

    Share content from other content marketers who are creating content that you think your followers will value. The 70-30 Rule is a good one to follow when deciding what kind of content, and how much of that content, you plan on sharing through your social media feeds!

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