3 Ways Cloud Can Bring Clarity To Your Nonprofit

Image courtesy of IT Business Edge Image courtesy of IT Business Edge

Cloud and big data go together like peas and carrots. Or something like that.

The truth is, when the two work together in harmony, some pretty incredible things can come of the collaboration. And that’s good news for your nonprofit that is constantly looking to maximize the effectiveness of the tools it already has, and in some cases, add a new tool that works in harmony with the rest of its arsenal.

Cloud computing enables big data, collaboration, more effective communication, and the ability to more effectively track outcomes. The best news is, all of these highly important attributes of an effective organization are measurable as a result of the cloud and big data working in tandem.

Here are 3 ways nonprofits can utilize cloud computing and big data to plan, measure, and deliver more effective and meaningful organizational plans.

  1. Outcome trackers

    An idea is not idea until it has been materialized. And the truth is, no one knows whether an idea is indeed a good one until a team executes the idea, and positive change is generated as an outcome. Finding the best way to measure that change is what’s difficult. Ensure the tool you use to track that change tracks the progress of those programs, and can also notify a team when that idea’s program is under or over-performing.

    Two options for you to check out are strengtheningnonprofits.org, and newdea.com.

  2. Collaboration nexus

    Organizational communication and keeping a consistent flow of information between multiple parties is key to the success of any team. Especially considering a lot of nonprofits operate across different timezones and different parts of the globe, maintaining good communication becomes even more important. Because the cloud allows information to be accessed regardless of location, as long as an internet connection is present, the cloud is ideal for nonprofits working in a myriad of geographies.

  3. Data on dollars

    Return on investment is important, however contrary that might sound to a nonprofit. A cloud based CRM is one of the most measurable and effective means at utilizing the cloud. A CRM aggregates financial data from donors, fundraising efforts, track interactions, encourage followups, and keep important notes.

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