3 Unique Strategies To Thank Your Supporters On Social Media


Image courtesy of Thought Reach Image courtesy of Thought Reach

Your nonporift’s supporters are potentially the most integral part of your entire nonprofit. Their donations fund your initiatives, thier bodies attend your events, and interact with your social media accounts.

Because their importance can not be understated, it is crucial that you take the time to thank them publicly through your social media feeds when appropriate.For example, if you receive a particularly large donation, or a follower on your social media is constantly interacting with your Twitter feed, you should take the time to thank them for their support. With the rise of technology, there are seemingly infinite ways to thank them, however we often fall into the trap of sending out the simple thank you email.

Here a few unique ways that you can say thank you through social media the next time you need to say thank you, according to Media Cause.

    1. Vine and Instagram videos

      Vine and Instagram are quietly changing the way we see social media. The two newcomers to the social media landscape offer you the option to create, edit, and share short videos right in the app.

      The next time you need to thank someone, try making a video of your entire office jumping out and saying thank you, or think of another way to incorporate your entire staff into the video while showing how appreciative you are of the support your nonprofit just received.

      2. Host a Twitter chat

      Another unique way to give back to supporters is to host a Twitter chat. By doing this you can open your nonprofit’s staff up to questions by your Twitter followers. This will make your followers feel included in the process and make your nonprofit stand out from the crowd. Make sure you advertise your chat for a few days or even a week in advnace so that people can make sure they are prepared with questions and the time to participate.

      3. Thank you Tweet

      Write out a Thank you Tweet and attach a lavish thank you picture with the post. Pictures on Twitter feeds show up very prominently, and by adding a picture your tweet will immediately stand out from the rest. If you do not want to adda unique image, you can attach a graph or an inforgraphic that communicates just how much a certain donation, or donation drive did to help your nonprofit take its next step.


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