3 Reasons Why The Cloud Suits Nonprofits

We all have our missions. It’s why we exist, not only as organizations, but as people. Whether it’s to bring fresh clean drinking water to remote places in the world, or make the neighborhood you live in a better place, nonprofits exist to serve and support.

However noble our causes might be, we often run into the same problems that any for-profit organization is prone to run into as well. Lack of formality in business process leading to workflow inefficiencies, lack of scalability, and we’re faced with the difficult task of constantly adapting.

Whatever the obstacle your nonprofit faces, the one constant is our need for technology to complete our mission. It’s how we work day in and day out, communicate, recruit, campaign, and inform the world of our mission. Without, we’re in the dark.

That’s why it’s essential our nonprofits are running on technology that inherently works to solve our problems.

That’s where the cloud comes in. Here are 3 reasons why the cloud just suits the nonprofit sector.

1. Instills business rigor

Like any other for-profit business, nonprofits need business regimens and processes that ensure everyone’s working efficiently and is on the same page. The need for sharing files, collaborating on projects, and building creating documents is done seamlessly through the cloud.

The days of emailing back and forth trying to find the most current version of an excel spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation are over.

2. Scalability is built in

In the wake of some of the worst natural disaster’s the modern world has seen, it’s been the nonprofit sector that’s been there to help clean up the mess. With those disasters came great aid from the generosity of donors around the world. However, what’s lost in that though is the sudden need for technology to support those additional website visitors and donations.

The cloud has the ability to on-demand scale with need. Whether faced with a rapid need for additional computing power or your nonprofit is on a steady growth trajectory, the cloud seamlessly scales as you do.

3. The cloud adapts with your needs

One of the biggest problems nonprofits run into with their computing power is they pay too much for bandwidth they only need 3 months out of the year. A lot of nonprofits see influxes in website traffic and interest as they put on events, or through traditional heavy giving seasons like around the holidays.  

With the cloud, the entire organization is run on one platform, which means when your business shifts, it shifts with you. Because the entire organization’s business functions are run on one solid technology, and kept in one place, it will be easy to adapt to whatever changes you need to make.

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