2017 Tech Trends for Nonprofits


The new year brings with it a new annual budgeting plan for nonprofits. It's important to look ahead to identify new trends in technology to support overall strategy. Providing authentic marketing and mobile payments are areas we will go over in this post.  

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Humanize Your Marketing

The ability to reach a large audience on social media has steadily declined year-over-year. Nonprofits should look to improve their engagement with their audiences and donors.

While we have to be sensitive in terms of the stories we share, storytelling will become one of the most important marketing tools for us in 2017 because it provides a way to connect with the emotions that help drive donor engagement and ongoing support. Our audience is then able to feel how they are assisting those that come to our nonprofit for help and that then drives them to continue providing financial support and time. 

Live streaming video is a great way to tell these stories as well, using Periscope, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. Another approach for this authentic storytelling is user-generated content. 

Influencer marketing can rally advocates of our nonprofit organization to endorse your cause, help build relationships, and create awareness.


Use Mobile To Simplify Donations

Mobile accounts for 50% of websearches today. It is quickly becoming a favorite for donors. Emails now tend to be opened more often on a smartphone or tablet, take advantage of this by integrating payment buttons directly into emails to increase donations. This idea may be taken a step further, as another new trend is accepting payments through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


Seek Fresh Perspectives And A Human Connection


With all the online opportunities available, it's easy to think that technology is the only way, but the need for authenticity in 2017 also means a return to the basics and a focus on the humanistic aspect of being and running a nonprofit. This back-to-basics approach is focused on creating a culture that is in touch with human emotions and is run by a skilled staff that is enthusiastic about what we are trying to do. Focus on involving personal contact with donors, including in person and by phone, to make that human connection even stronger and more authentic.

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