The Connection Between Social Media, Fundraising, and Mobile Technology


Image courtesy of nsemo
Image courtesy of nsemo

Social media, mobile technology, and fundraising are unequivocally attached at the hip in contemporary nonprofit marketing. Their combined capacity to connect donors to nonprofits worthy of help is shaping an all new way fundraising.

On this blog, and undoubtedly many other just like it, you’ve been encourage to steer your nonprofit to adopt a mobile first mentality. Prioritizing the platform in preparation for not only the future, but for now as well.
 If you haven’t been persuaded by now, here are 14 more reasons your nonprofit can’t afford to not start paying more attention to mobile starting today!

  1. Responsive design doubles giving on mobile devices.
    Mobile donations went up 126% with a responsive web design. (source)
  2. Facebook refers 29.4% of traffic to donation pages on #GivingTuesday. Twitter sent 700% more visitors to Canadian donation pages on Dec. 3 2013. (source)
  3. 55% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to take further action. (source)
  4. For every 1,000 fundraising emails sent a nonprofit raises $17. (source)
  5. Monthly donors give 42% more in one-year than one-time donors. (source)
  6. 64% of Millennials prefer to fundraise through walk/run/cycling event. (source)
  7. Walk/run/cycling event fundraisers who send more than 15 emails raise 76% more than non-email senders. (source)
  8. The average nonprofit crowdfunding campaign raises $9,237.55. (source)
  9. Online giving grew 13.5% in 2013. While overall giving grew by 4.9%. (source)
  10. 10% of annual giving occurs on the last three days of the year. 30% of annual giving occurs in December. (source)
  11. Custom-branded donate pages nested inside a nonprofit’s website raise 6X more money. (source)
  12. 77% of the population believes everyone can make a difference by supporting a charitable cause. Individuals support 4.45 nonprofits on average. 64% of all donations are made by women. 69% of the population gives. The largest % of givers are Baby Boomers at 43%. (source)
  13. Nonprofits share a daily average of 1.2 updates on Facebook and 5.3 tweets. Twitter’s annual growth rose 46% while Facebook’s rose 37%. (source)
  14. 30% of nonprofits are using Instagram. 29% of nonprofits are using Pinterest.28% of nonprofits are using YouTube. 27% of nonprofits are using LinkedIn. 24% of nonprofits are using Google+. (source)


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