14 Mobile Marketing Statistics Your Nonprofit Needs To See

Image courtesy of itextusa.com Image courtesy of itextusa.com

By now, the move to mobile has been a well documented phenomenon. Nonprofits across the world are outfitting their nonprofit to bring their missions to the palm of everyone’s hand.

But just how pervasive is it? How much time do we spend on mobile devices per day? How long do we spend checking email on mobile devices?

The truth is in the numbers, and some of those numbers might just surprise you.

If your nonprofit isn’t sure how to make the move to mobile, Tech Impact has you covered. In previous blog posts we’ve discussed responsive web design, formatting mobile friendly emails, and shown you even more statistics that will convince you to prioritize mobile sooner rather than later.

Here are 14 statistics that will get your nonprofit thinking mobile now, instead of later.

  • 90% of smartphone owners access the same email account on mobile and desktop. ExactTarget – “The 2012 channel preference survey” (2012)

  • Daily we spend 9 minutes on email via a mobile device, that is 7,6% of the total 119 minutes we use our phone per day. O2 – “Mobile life report” UK (2013)

  • More email is read Mobile than on a desktop email client. Stats say 47% of email is now opened on a mobile device Litmus –”Email Analytics” (Aug 2013)

  • Typically more than 25% of email is read on a smartphone, on average it is 31% for us. Mailup – “Direct Marketing in a Mobile World: a Practical Guide”

  • Mobile received the largest percentage of unique clicks (40%), webmail was a strong second with 35% – Experian “Quarterly Email Benchmark Study” (Q2 2013)

  • 23% of emails with images loaded comes from mobile, 69% from desktop and 5,5% from tablet – LiveIntent “Opens by device Jan 2012 vs Jan 2013″ (2013)

  • 61% of consumers now read at least some of their emails on a mobile device – Yesmail “Email Compass: The Mobile Effect” (2013)

  • 30% of consumers now read their email exclusively on mobile devices – Yesmail “Email Compass: The Mobile Effect” (2013)

  • Only 11,84% of newsletters use responsive design techniques to optimize their layouts for mobile devices. – Equinux (June 2013)

  • 45% of holiday season emails are being opened on mobile – up slightly from before the season began – Experian – Hot holiday trends (2012)

  • The number of mobile e-mail users is predicted to grow 28% in 2014 and 23% in 2015 – The Radicati Group “Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017″

  • In 2017 1.779 Million people will access email via their mobile device.- The Radicati Group “Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017″

  • 68% of UK smartphone owners used their device to check email in the past 30 days. Only text messaging was more popular (92%) Nielsen – “The mobile Consumer” (Feb 2013)

  • The percentage of people that use on E-mail on their smartphone is very different per country. Ranging from 75% in the last month in US, to 17% in India Nielsen – “The mobile Consumer” (Feb 2013)
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