13 Nonprofit Statistics You Never Knew

Image courtesy of ok.gov Image courtesy of ok.gov

Let’s be honest, we’re all suckers for numbers. They captivate us, put things into perspective, shock us, and give everyone something to talk about at the coffee pot in the morning.

Nonprofit statistics seem to grow more positive with each passing day. Donation numbers are growing steadily and the pervasiveness of technology is saturating nonprofits with opportunity to become more efficient and expand into new markets.

Here are 13 Nonprofit statistics you never knew until today.

  • There are currently 1,409,430 tax exempt nonprofit organization in the United States
  • $316.23 billion was donated to United States based charities in 2012.
  • Of those 1,409,430 tax exempt nonprofits, 817,379 of them earned less than 100,000 in total revenue.
  • Total fundraising in the United States increased by 4.9% in the 2013.
  • 72% of all charitable giving is done by individuals.
  • The retention rate of first-year donors is only 23.7%.
  • Online fundraising increased by 13.5% i nthe United States in 2013.
  • 84% of nonprofit donation pages are not optimized for mobile.
  • Only 6% of all charitable giving comes from corporations.
  • 63% of donors want to know exactly how their money will be used.
  • 15% of all charitable giving comes from foundations.
  • Online giving to faith based organizations grew by 18.1% in 2013.
  • 76% of nonprofit mobile subscribers came from integration with CRM systems.
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