10 Simple Nonprofit Twitter Tips

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Twitter is a powerful tool for any nonprofit. It is, in simply put, a free messenger that instantly connects your nonprofit to hundreds of millions of possible constituents.

With this powerful contemporary tool, however, comes unknowns. New tools can often time take time to get used to or can be difficult to get to know.

It is easy to overlook some small aspects of Twitter, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of simple things you can do to help increase interaction on your nonprofits Twitter account according to Julia Claire Campbell of JC Social Marketing.

  1. Completely fill out bio

    Upload an avatar, and fill out a short blurb about your nonprofit in the bio. Uncompleted bios have the stench of being under used or inactive which will drive away potential followers before giving them a chance to explore your account.

  2. Visually enhance your page

    Upload images to your bio, header, and your background. By doing this your nonprofit’s Twitter account will look populated and active enticing users who are drawn to the signs of activity. Make sure they are not pixelated or make your nonprofit appear less professional in any way.

  3. Research hashtags

    Try using hashtags.org to discover what hashtags are trending for your nonprofit. Compare hashtags and make a list of the ones you’ve found most pertinent and include them in every Tweet.

  4. Follow more people

    The best way to increase your follower base is to send out follows. Directly following people is the easiest way to bring attention to yourself and your nonprofit’s Twitter account.

    Click the #Discover tab and select “Who to Follow” to help you decide pertinent Twitter accounts to follow.

  5. Try promoted Tweets

    Promoted tweets are performing better than regular Tweets. Although they do cost you money, if you have an important message that need to be communicated it may not be a bad idea to shell out the necessary dough to make one live.

  6. Tweet pictures

    Twitter’s most recent update now allows thumbnails of images to appear in feeds. Pictures comprise 36% of all link on Twitter, and that number is only expected to rise.

  7. Tweet timely

    The most important thing remember about Twitter is that it is all about timing. Timing your Tweets around the highest traffic times is the real key to success. Lunch time is understood to be the best time to put out content that you want to be seen. People around this time are taking a load off and are relaxing with some social networking over the lunch table.

  8. Interact directly with followers

    People love to be mentioned (@) on Twitter. When you get new followers or someone retweets you, take a moment to reach out to them directly with a mention to let them know how much you appreciate their support!

  9. Use advanced search

    This is a powerful tool for when you’re searching for people to follow in specific geographic locations or relationships to your account. Use it to follow exactly who you want to follow, or to target exactly who you want to be following you.

  10. Entice your followers to interact

    Twitter’s information turnover rate is extremely high and its users only want to follow accounts that are active. That being said, staying active on your Twitter feed can be difficult. One way to keep your followers engaged is to hold a weekly or bi weekly contest that entices users to interact with your page and other users following your page.

If you’re interested in reading more you can check out the original article by Julia Claire Campbell of JC Social Marketing

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