Infographic: 10 Nonprofit Communication Trends From 2013

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In 2013, nonprofits looked forward to integrating communication channels to increase effectiveness, but are hesitant to try something new. While nonprofits want to increase the effectiveness of their communication with supporters, but according to nonprofits feel they face many challenges:

  1. 41% of nonprofits are restricted by their budget when it comes to improving improving their communication strategy.

  2. In fact, more than half of the nonprofits surveyed write informal strategy plans for themselves, without approval from their superiors and board.

  3. 69% of nonprofits believe their website is the most important communication channel.

  4. 51% say social media is the most important communication channel, with more than 90% putting an emphasis on Facebook.
Nonprofit Communication Trends, 2013
by juliareich.
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