Your Nonprofit's Facebook Posts Will Likely be Less Visible in 2014

Facebook's constantly evolving algorithms have made it difficult for organizations to reach their audiences. In 2012, data showed a steep drop in post “reach” of around 40%, while the rate of engagement with those posts stayed relatively consistent. The obvious conclusion was that Facebook altered its formula to allow fewer brand pages into the newsfeeds of its users.

Facebook 2012

Source: TechCrunch

Last month, Facebook announced its plan to once again alter the site's algorithms giving shared news articles and popular stories more visibility. That means posts from your nonprofit's page will have even lower exposure.

Facebook's motivation for making the change is no secret. The site trailed Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft in 2012 digital ad revenue before changing the algorithm, and then overtook the number two spot behind Google in 2013 after the change. By granting brand pages less organic exposure, Facebook pushes them to pay for promotion.

Ad Revenue

Source: eMarketer

What does this mean for your nonprofit's Facebook page? Well, as of now Facebook doesn't offer a nonprofit program like Google, for example, so you'll be competing on a level playing field for the time being.

The tried and true rule for gaining exposure is to make your content interesting! Easier said than done, but if you are able to generate enough likes, comments, and shares, then your post will likely show up front and center on the newsfeeds of your page's fans. It always helps to include a photo with your post, and target it as much as possible to your audience. You can also encourage your audience to share, like, and comment. Often times that's all you need to generate some engagement.

The other option is to pay for promotion, which isn't excessively expensive, as long as you do it wisely. Don't overspend on every post, choose ones you believe will convert the audience member into an active participant in not only your post, but your cause.

The below gives you an idea of pricing for promotion:


Source: e.politics

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