Young Donors Want To See Real Results Online



Nonprofits are always searching for new supporters, and the generation of young and tech-savvy people often referred to as “millennials” make up an enthusiastic force waiting to be mobilized.

According to a recent post from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, this often turned off by out of date websites with a lack of quality storytelling. The nonprofits that are successfully recruiting young donors, volunteers, and staff members are those that effectively engage people online.

In order to stay fresh, your organization’s website should be updated frequently. Younger donors may often give in smaller amounts, but they are also more likely to give more often. Frequently updated content keeps people coming back, and the more they learn about your organization’s end results, the more they’ll understand about your cause.

If your organization is looking to engage more tech-savvy supporters, check out the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s post.

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