Win a 'Digital Makeover' from GiveBack DC

giveback-logo-smWith all the recent talk of millennials and their preference for all things online, the need for a clean, compelling, and user-friendly website is clearer than ever.

However, developing a new website requires time and money, and those two things can be pretty elusive to nonprofits.

Good News: GiveBack DC is here to help!

WDG has partnered with some of the area’s top creative web design firms to offer four local nonprofits the chance to win a complete digital makeover. This makeover includes a complete website redesign, a digital strategy for continuing to grow digital presence down the road, and training to teach your staff how to use their new, fancy CMS with style and brand manuals.

In short: The four winners of GiveBack DC won't spend any time or money, and they'll become much more relevant in the digital space.

There's only one catch: the deadline to apply as a nonprofit is AUGUST 1, so make sure you fill out the application A.S.A.P.

Topics: nonprofit technology

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