Video And Nonprofits: How We Gauge Success



With today’s focus on online fundraising, social media, and quality web content, many nonprofits are developing strategies to better incorporate the use of video into their online efforts.

According to a recent post from Beth Kanter’s Blog, a new report was recently released that aims to explain how nonprofits are using video and how they are judging its success. The report has some key findings that we probably already knew, including that online video is increasingly important and that most nonprofits recognize its value.

However the report also revealed some interesting and unexpected findings. Despite the emphasis on the use of video and other multimedia content, many nonprofits said funding video creation continues to be a struggle. Nearly two thirds of the study’s respondents said their video budgets will stay the same or decline, Beth’s post says.

Some experts believe the struggles with funding may come from the difficulty of gauging video’s success. Check out Beth Kanter’s post if you’d like to learn more about the future of video and nonprofits.

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