Why Not Using A Cloud Is Like Not Breathing Air

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Take a deep breath. The cloud is here.

In the past, we haven’t been entirely sure whether or not it was the cloud’s turn to take over the world's computing needs. Now, however, the writing is clearly on the wall. On-site servers are not scalable, a thing of the past, and borderline ridiculous; while cloud servers allow contemporary businesses the ability to work exactly how they need to.

The difference is like choosing whether or not to breathe. You’re suffocating with on-site servers, stifling innovation and your employees' ability to collaborate effectively.

Price cuts preparing for future
If the big guys are gearing up, the rest of the world is sure to follow.

Recent price cuts by Google, Amazon, and even Microsoft highlight this unassailable fact. Everything, and everyone, is expecting the cloud to take an even more prominent role in business and personal computer use. Not for clunky servers living in climate controlled rooms in our basements.

Do on-site servers seem just a little ridiculous, now?

Mobile strong

We’re all on the go. Now even more than ever.

Because of this, we’re always connected to the internet. And almost all of us need the internet to perform our job’s function effectively and efficiently. While a server might have made sense when we were working 10% online and 90% offline 20 years ago, they do not make sense in the current work environment where we’re working 90% online and 10% offline (or maybe even more!).

A cloud allows you and the rest of your nonprofit’s employees the ability to work independently from anywhere. They can access what files they might need at a moments notice organically. Try taking your server farm with you the next time you travel for work and see how far you go.

Think lean, think connected

To be lean is to be thrifty. It’s the ability to use one asset and apply it to many assets. It’s letting nothing go to waste. With the number of work tasks that are dependent on the internet rising, not utilizing a cloud is like not breathing air. What organization or company gets started with the budget to buy, own, and operate servers? The answer is none.

But every organization and organization has “get internet connection” at the top of their to-do list when opening a new location or business all together. Think about what your nonprofit really needs. Chances are keeping costs low, and ensuring everyone is connected is on your list. A cloud allows for both of these things to happen in a no-mess, no-fuss way.

Now breathe. Everything you need is in one place. Doesn’t that cloud feel great?

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