Digital Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

  Social media. Email. Interactive graphics and video. The explosion of digital media has much to offer nonprofits, but if you feel overwhelmed by all the available options, you're not alone; a 2017 survey revealed that 32 percent of nonprofits have a basic digital strategy and 6 percent have an ...
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Why Every Nonprofit Should Focus on Digital Transformation

There are always limitations to what you can get done in an organization, and that is especially true in the nonprofit world. Resources are incredibly limited, with an expectation from stakeholders that you "make do" with technology that may not be as up-to-date as that which other organizations ...
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What is Nonprofit Digital Transformation?

No doubt you have heard about (NP) Digital Transformation (DX), or soon will. What does that mean? And, as nonprofit leaders, what should you be considering for your own organizations?
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